Raw - Games Workshop

We play most GW games including: Warhammer 30/40K, Blood Bowl, Warhammer 8th Edition, Age of Sigmar and enjoy hosting both campaign and competive play. Want to lead your forces on a bloody rampage or defend the Imperium from the enemies of mankind then come to RAW for all your GW needs.

Raw - Warmachine

We have a regular competitive Warmachine league for both the new and veteran Warmachine player. Known as a game that takes competitive play to new levels, do you think you have what it takes to enter Warmachine?

RAW - Xwing

Have you tried the joys of starship combat? Our Xwing group are a great bunch who enjoy both competitive and fun games and being always happy to help the new players their hand so come down and sign up to our Xwing league. If you want a real challenge then join the single pilot co-operative Xwing campaign to see if you really are a Force to be reckoned with.

RAW - Bolt Action

Come and try this new and unique combat skirmish system set in the historical background of World War 2. From Banzai charges to Allied airstrikes you can try it all, come and play Bolt Action at RAW.