• Cully Parham

    Cully is the resident chef who keeps the food and drinks coming from the kitchen at RAW. Cully is always happy to chat to RAW guests in the busy RAW kitchen and is known from time to time to come out and play a game or two. Lastly Cully helps with the design of campaign games at RAW to keep our players entertained.

    Favourite game: Any.
    Favourite army: White Scars & Night Lords.

  • Phillip Thowney

    Phil is a veteran Xwing tournament player but also enjoys Malixfaux, WH40K, SAGA and Warhammer Fantasy 8th Ed. He runs the both Xwing competitive league as well as the co-op campaign so don't hesitate to test your skills against him.

    Favourite game: Malixfaux.
    Favourite army: Ten Thunders.

  • Delano Hing

    Delano loves all things Warmachine and enjoys the tournament circuit. When he is not busy hosting his Warmachine at the club Del can be found leading his High Elven Warhammer army to crush the enemies of Elfkind. Del's painting skills have also won many awards and his painting sessions at the club are always well attended so if you have questions would like help with your own technique come and see Del at the club.

    Favourite game: Warmachine.

    Favourite army: Cryx.

  • Robert Lloyd

    Bob is a veteran 40K player and competes across the UK with many awards to his name. Bob knows 40K like no other and enjoys playing both veterans and new people alike and manages the 40K games at the club so if you enjoy the world of the Grimdark, come speak to Bob and he'll look after your every need.

    Favourite game: WH 40K

    Favourite army: Mechanicus.