Immersion Studios

Many thanks to Immersion Studios for their sponsorship of RAW. Since Immersion's creation of this excellent roleplaying game called "Infected" they have been keen to work with us to both play test their gameworld with our regular group and also to support us in moving forwards as a club.

Infected is a RPG set five years after a viral infection outbreak which drives humanity almost to the brink of extinction whilst corrupting those infected with a need to eat human flesh. Survival in this world is hard and only the best can make it.

"In their eyes was only hunger, and animal rage. They hunt you now, on the fringes of a fractured society, which lives on in ragged towns and hardy nations, defying bandits, cannibals, crazies and the ravages of the virus. The question you must ask yourself now is when the world falls, will you try to save it, or will you help it burn?"- Catherine Parham, Mayor of free town of Hilltop 2019.

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