Can you survive a zombie apocalypse??

The Game world

Can you imagine a world five years into the future and after the collapse of civilisation where humanity has reverted to a pre-industrial state of living and where staying alive is a constant test on a daily basis  due to the hardships of the world? In this world you pay for your keep in bullets due to their rarity and cook over a fire due to the lack of electricity, which is commonplace in the world around you. Aside from the struggle to stay alive you have to move carefully to avoid the Infected. Those who are "Infected" were once humans who have become flesh eating carrion whom haunt and hunt the remaining people of the world and make their life just that little bit harder. Welcome to the world of Infected, a game that will immerse you in this dark future and test your survival skills to their limits.

Set in the collapsed country of the United States after the fall of humanity, Infected has a rich gameworld for players to explore. From the relative safety of the Hilltop community to hiring as a mercenary on Pappa Doc's trainline you can explore the post apocolypse USA whilst hopefully dodging the infected to your hearts content. The infected are not your only worries however, as bandits, religious cults and former government agencies now turned despots all attempt to lay claim to the shattered land. 

The game system

Infected uses a skill system based on a D10 to calculate your actions. Using a combination of stat and skills your actions are calculated using a success based system which allowsfor quick easy game play with realistic and easily handled results. The combat itself can be brutal so pick your fights wisely as I have seen players die very quickly but that all adds to the feeling of danger in Infected and makes for a much more intense game. Character creation is open and non-linear allowing you to create anyone from the boy/girl next door to the hardened mercenary and I found this approach really allowed the players to gain control of the RP aspect of their character from an early stage and helped the GM create a world that the players can interact with and become a part of for that feeling of cinematic play.


Infected is a great role playing game with a well crafted rule set and immersive game world. Good for both new players and veterans alike, Infected will keep you addicted for far longer than you should be. The book itself it well produced and acts as both a rule set and tome of lore and a bargin at it's RRP. Experienced GM's will no doubt see the possiblity in Infected and as our group has done, take it in a new direction with the players beginning their game on day one of the outbreak which is proving both fun and exciting. So if you think that you have what it takes to survive a zombie invasion, pick up a copy of Infected and see what you can do!