RAW 40K Highlander Ladder League Season 1

Rules - The Ladder

Player registration on the 18th February 2017 to join the league. Players can register on the Ladder at any point after this but will be entered at the bottom of the ladder and will progress from there.
Players move up the ladder above the player they beat apon winning a game. Players move down one place as a result of a loss.
If the game is a draw then the higher ranked player stays in position whilst the lower rank player moves up one space.
Players can issue two challenges per gaming week which must be fought at RAW. A player must be within five places of their own position when issuing challenges to other players and cannot issue a challenge to a player not present on the night concerned.
“Redployments” will happen periodically. These will allow players to adjust/replace their army for the next Ladder Season. The ladder will also be reset with the top three players winning the Season in accordance of rank. The table will also be reversed with non-active players being removed and the ranking list being listed with the bottom active players being placed at the top of the table and the winning players at the bottom which allows all playerss the chance of winning the next season
When the new Season starts special GM rules may be included which will be in play throughout and must be included in each game played.
As this is a new league RAW reserves the right to change/amend the rules pending the identificaion of issues and/or player feedback.

Rules - The Armies

Players are to enter a 1850 pt army list during their registration for the ladder league. Once submitted this is set until the next “Redeployment phase”.
Players are to use the CAD Force Organisation rules for their army list as no formations can be used in the ladder list.
Players cannot use Allied detachments.
Players can submit one (1) Forgeworld model/unit in their army list, this cannot be a Lord of War.
Lords of War are allowed in the ladder. Each army may only contain a maximum of one (1) Lord of War which must be bought from the army's points total as normal, and may not make up more than 350 points of the army's total points cost.
Rules - The Battlefield
Each game is to be an Malestrom battle using the rules and cards as stated in Warhammer 40k rule set. Bonus points for Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Linebreaker all give 1 VP to the armies at the end of the battle.
Each player places 3 terrain pieces on the battlefield before deployment for use in the game.
Marshalls are to resolve any issues identified during a game.